A Longlived Deep Convective Eddy in the Greenland Sea

Ocean Science Meeting 2002

JŘrgen Holfort,Institut fŘr Meereskunde, Universitńt Hamburg
Jan Backhaus,Institut fŘr Meereskunde, Universitńt Hamburg
Detlev Quadfasel,Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and Geophysics
Peter Wadhams,Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

Very deep convection in the Greenland Sea ceased after 1971 and winter time convection in the 1990's normally reached only to a maximum depth of 1200 to 1500m. On a RV Jan Mayen cruise in March 2001 a convective eddy reaching depths of 2400m was found at approximatly 75░N, 0░W with a diameter of about 10nm. Small scale surveys of this eddy were made again in April and September 2001 and are planned for February 2002. A profiling float was deployed in this eddy and stayed in it at least until November 2001. For all this time the eddy stayed at approximatly the same geographic position. Looking at historical data, an eddy or signs of it can be found also in previous years at almost the same position, e.g. in 1997 to a depth of about 1900m.

Additional Information can be found in the Jan Mayen Cruise Report.