J. Holfort, oceanographer


Since 2006 at the BSH as leader of the German ice service and the German Baltic sea water level service.
Regular member in several professional affiliations (AGU, BSIM, IICWG, etc.), Member of the JCOMM Expert team on sea ice.

The Diplom and PhD studies done at the Institut für Meereskunde at Kiel(now part of Geomar) working about large scale circulation and transports in the South Atlantic. Post-Doc at Brookhaven Natl Laboratory about the CO2 transport in the Ocean, then working in the equatorial west Pacific back at the Institut für Meereskunde at Kiel. Then the focus shifted northwards, working in Nordic Seas and northern North Atlantic at the Institut für Meereskunde Hamburg. From December 2003 to January 2006 at the Norwegian Polar Institut in Tromsø mainly working about the circulation in Fram Strait and the Freshwater transport in the East Greenland current.

On these pages I present some of my oceanographic and sea ice work. For most recent work it is best to check the publication list or go to the BSH website or directly to the website of the ice service.


"Eiswinter an Nord- und Ostsee" A short text in German about the ice winters at the German coast.